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The whisky and bourbon categories continue to see massive growth in the NZ market. As Principal Sponsor, Super Liquor wants to celebrate the best we have to offer in New Zealand. The Drammys 2021 are open for entries for it’s 4th year and we are excited to see the range of entries this year. Winners for The Drammys will be moved earlier this year and announced for World Whisky Day in May.


Each year it has been exciting to see new whiskies enter the competition and making the results each year as anticipating as the last. Here are the list of categories:

  • International Whisky World (Canada/Japan/Australia)
  • International Whisky USA
  • International Whisky Ireland
  • New Zealand Whisky
  • Scotland Origin Non Aged Blended
  • Scotland Origin Non Aged Single Malt
  • Scotland Origin Single Malt Under 12YO
  • Scotland Origin Single Malt 13-16 YO
  • Scotland Origin Single Malt 17-20YO
  • Scotland Origin Single Malt 21YO and Over
  • Scotland Origin Blended Whisky Under 12YO
  • Scotland Origin Blended Whisky 12YO and Over
  • Scotland Origin Peated

Enter the Drammys

To submit your whiskies for judging this year, please complete the entry form for each whisky by February 26th.

Click here for the Entry Form

For more information on last year’s winners, please visit the website:

Good luck to all the whiskies entered for 2021!

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