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Barrel 51 & Cola 7% Cans 18x250ml

Barrel 51 uses real Kentucky barrel Bourbon in barrel no. 51, not the cheap stuff. The perfect mix of crisp, dry cola and an ultra-smooth premium Bourbon. One sip and you'll know why it's better!

Billy Maverick & Cola 7% Cans 12x250ml

Genuine Kentucky bourbon & premium cola blended just right.

Canadian Club & Dry 7% Cans 18x250ml

The perfect pairing - 6YO Canadian Club whisky with dry ginger ale. Add a slice of lime and enjoy!

Cody's & Cola 7% Cans 12x250ml

Cody's Kentucky bourbon blended with cola for great flavour and a smooth taste.

Cody's & Cola 7% Cans 18x250ml

Cody's Kentucky bourbon blended with cola for great flavour and a smooth taste.

Cody's & Zero Sugar Cola 7% Cans 12x250ml

Cody's is a superior blend of Kentucky straight oak aged bourbon, great for sharing with friends. Now with Zero sugar cola!

Diesel & Cola 7% Cans 6x330ml

The drink that needs no introduction, Diesel Bourbon Whiskey flavoured spirit and Cola combines a spicy citrus flavour with hints of vanilla and caramel.

Gentleman Jack & Cola 6% Bottles 4x330ml

Distinct oak and vanilla of finest Tennessee Whisky blended with complementary oak and spice flavours. Familiar taste of cola, vanilla and spice evolved from the finest mature whisky with subtle toasted oak.

Jack Daniel's & Cola 4.8% Bottles 12x330ml

For those who like their Jack Daniel's on any occasion, there's Jack & Cola. It's the same world-famous Jack Daniel's No. 7 with cola, in the convenience of a pre-mixed ready to drink 330ml bottle.

Jack Daniel's & Cola 4.8% Cans 10x330ml

World-famous Jack Daniel's No. 7 Whiskey with Cola, in the convenience of a pre-mixed Ready To Drink can.

Jack Daniel's & No Sugar Cola 4.8% Cans 10x375ml

The classic taste of Jack Daniel's Whiskey, perfectly paired with no sugar cola in a conveniently pre-made RTD.

Jack Daniel's Double Jack Cola 6.9% Cans 10x250ml

Jack Daniel's Double Jack (6.9%) delivers a full whiskey flavour by using authentic Tennessee whiskey which has been expertly mixed with cola. It is the perfect choice when you want a stronger whiskey premix which is smooth and full in flavour without a hint of harshness.
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