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Ahh duck, a flavoursome fowl. Rich, fatty and a bit on the gamey side. This meat requires a level of freshness, sharpness and acidity in it's match of wine. And so as a general rule of thumb you can never go wrong with a Pinot Noir!

But if you'd like to impress your missus, look no feather to fine tune your wine matching game:

Roast Duck - think Peking Duck or a French style duck a l’orange. Where crispy skin meets sweet sauce and are complemented perfectly with a shiraz or grenache. Avoid big tannins!

Confit Duck - the richness of this dish naturally matches well with a shiraz or cab merlot blend.

Cassoulet - a warming hearty casserole on a cold night calls for a big bold red! A meaty malbec is the match for this dish!

How about pate and quackers (ahem crackers)? It's actually not a red match! The creamy flavour and texture matches well with a sweet riesling or a rich pinot gris.

You will have your bird eyeing you up by the end of the night!

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