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Steinlager was born from a challenge. In 1958, hte infamous Black Budget cut beer imports and the challenge was put out to New Zelaand to produce a lager of international quality. The response was Steinlager Classic - internationally recognised with countless awards, and now with a range of New Zealand's finest beers that remind our country we can take on the world!

Today, Steinlager continues to rise to the challenge - In a New Zealand first, Steinlager are the first major beer brand to achieve carbon zero certification.

The everyday beer drinker doesn't always consider the environmental impact of the beer in their hand, but they can now enjoy Steinlager knowing that the carbon footprint has been 100% offset.

What does this mean? All of the emissions from the entire product lifecycle – from growing the grain to the length of time it spends in your fridge – are accounted for and either reduced or offset using verified carbon credits. It doesn’t stop there, carbon zero certification also means Steinlager is committed to reducing their carbon footprint every year.

Choosing Steinlager means you're making a difference to the future of New Zealand, so the whole country can get to carbon zero too.

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